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Diploma in Software Testing

What can I learn during this qualification?

The DST - Diploma in Software Testing Course consists of theory and extensive practical sessions in software testing.

Module 1

• Software Quality & Testing Concepts
• Manual Software Testing

Module 2

• Functional Testing Tool
• Test Management Tool
• Defect Tracking Tool

Module 3

• Case Studies/Projects
• Linux Fundamentals (Complimentary)

What can I expect out of this qualification?

A software testing job, is a highly specialized one and amongst the most sought after fields in the I.T. industry. Competitive pressures worldwide expect these I.T. companies to deliver the accurate software the first time itself and therefore, software testing professionals who can perform the precise testing of such software are in great demand today.

The diploma in software testing (DST) offered by Espace targets this need by training students through a structured program for having the right balance of theory and practical sessions. During the program the students get to know the ins and outs of practical techniques of testing as are expected by the industry. DST ensures an exhaustive coverage of the entire spectrum of Software testing.

What jobs can I do with this qualification?

After completing the course Diploma in Software Testing you can work as a Software Tester

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